Lack of Sleep Causes Alzheimer’s. How Can You Get Proper Sleep Naturally?

An average 8 hours of sleep is required per night per adult. How many hours do you sleep for? Due to so much of work pressure, mental stress and an erratic lifestyle, people tend to sleep less. They want to make better use of the 24 hours by not sleeping! Did you know that a recent study pointed out that lack of sleep can lead to Alzheimer’s? And that too, early in life?

How is sleep related to Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia that causes problem with thinking, memory and behavior. This is one of the worse kinds of diseases that you can contract because it is a progressive one and it will not stop until it has completely destroyed your memory, as well as, other mental functions. But, if you can sleep property for at least seven hours every night, you will be able to prevent Alzheimer’s.

What happens during sleep is that your brain tends to clear out all the toxins that are liked with Alzheimer’s. However, when you are depriving yourself of proper sleep, you are not giving your brain enough time to wipe out all the toxins. Researchers have been harping upon the importance of sleep to prevent Alzheimer’s for decades now, but nobody seemed to listen.

But, now it is time for you to sit and take notice because this disease that generally happened to people above 65-years is now manifesting in young adults. And you would definitely not want to be a victim of this disease!

How can you lull yourself to sleep?

Stress, pressure and tension are one of the main reasons causing lack of sleep. If you are sleep-derived, take a look at the following 100% natural ways to fall asleep and before you pop those side effects-prone, pharmaceutical drugs, do remember that there is always another way. So, here we go…

  • Teach your brain the association it has with your bed: If you have the habit of lying awake on your bed till late in the night, your brain quickly learns that the bed is about staying awake. So, you need your brain to relearn the actual purpose of a bed. The next time that you don’t feel sleepy, get up and go to another room or maybe sit on a chair in the bedroom. Take out a book and start reading. Do not touch your phone, use your laptop or watch TV! Once you feel sleepy, come back to your bed and sleep. This way, your brain will be able to associate sleep with bed.
  • Meditate: For more than hundreds of years, meditation has been the sole medicine for the troubled mind. During the ancient days, there was no allopathy or sleeping pills. So, why should it be any different now? If you cannot sleep, simply try and meditate. Meditation will help to clear and quieten your mind, make you feel relaxed and eventually, lull you into deep slumber.
  • Practice yoga everyday: If physical, mental and emotional well-being is your ultimate aim, there is nothing better that yoga. Have you seen how happy and content the yogis are? Well, you can also be like them if you diligently practice yoga. Yoga will help to keep you in proper shape, stress-free and a lot more calm and composed. It will also provide you with the energy to go through the day and catch a good night’s sleep when you come back home.
  • Therapeutic massages: A relaxing and rejuvenating massage will most definitely make you fall off to sleep, if nothing else works. You can visit wellness and retreat centers offering massages because it is always best to get a massage from a professional and well-trained masseuses. Naturopaths who have years of experience knows exactly which knot in your body needs some extra attention and which parts are sensitive.
  • Diet change: Believe it or not, your erratic sleep patterns and loss of mental energy has a lot to do with the diet that you are following. Also, the ancient study of naturopathy believes that the root cause of all maladies is in the digestive system. If one is able to boost one’s power of digestion, one can lead a healthy and happy life. Therefore, by including a lot of juices, fresh fruits and vegetables, turmeric, milk and so on, you will be able to bring about a dramatic change in your overall lifestyle. Waking up feeling energized and going to sleep at the proper time will no longer be a problem!

If you do not want to become a victim of Alzheimer’s, you need to seriously work towards sleeping for a minimum of seven to eight hours. In case the above-mentioned tips are not working out for you and you need more specific solution, you can always refer to a naturopathic physician. You can also stay at a naturopathy retreat center for a few days to completely detoxify yourself! 

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