Is your child anemic? 6 home remedies to restore your child’s health

Does your child constantly feel exhausted? Has your child’s skin turned dull and pale? It may be a sign that your child is anemic. Anemia is a condition that results out of low red blood cells, which can turn your child weak, tired and cranky. Owing to unhealthy eating habits, increased pressure at school and indulgence in extra-curricular activities, anemia has become a very common condition among kids all over the world. Even though this information might scare you, be rest assured that anemia can be easily cured, if detected early.

What are the symptoms of anemia?

Most of the symptoms of anemia are so common that they easily go unnoticed. So, if you find your child showing any of the following signs, make sure to get his or her haemoglobin count checked:

  • Dullness or paleness of skin
  • Constant exhaustion or fatigue
  • Shortness of breath
  • Severe hair fall
  • Regular palpitations
  • Feeling low all the time or being moody

The primary cause of anemia is iron deficiency. Therefore, you need to make sure that your child is fed iron-rich food and supplements. This is especially needed by teenage children so that they get enough iron during the growth spurt.

Here, given below are some of the tried and tested home remedies that will help to restore your child’s vitality and boost his or her energy.

Include vitamin C in the diet

Anemia leads to weakening the immune system, and thus, children become much more prone to inflammatory diseases and infections. An abundant dose of vitamin C will help to strengthen your child from within and also help in iron absorption. Make sure to make your child eat at least one orange every day or maybe a glass of lemon water.

More green vegetables

Thanks to fast food joints, children barely eat green vegetables nowadays. All they want to eat is a burger, pizza and such other junk food items that have little to none nutritional value. As a parent, you must ensure that your child is eating an adequate amount of green vegetables, such as celery, spinach and broccoli. These vegetables are a great source of iron.

Yogurt with turmeric

Yogurt with a teaspoon of turmeric is considered to be extremely healthy. Some anemic kids suffer from problems, such as swelling or skin turning cold. Such problems are readily balanced by turmeric and yogurt.

Sesame seeds

A great way to increase the iron intake of your child is black sesame seeds. Soak the seeds in water for two to three hours and grind it into a paste. You can give your child a spoonful of this paste every day, along with honey.

Encourage juice intake

Stay away from packaged juices and make your child fresh pomegranate or beetroot juice. These act as blood purifiers and builders. Beetroots are a rich source of folic acid and you can also team them up with carrot or apple. On the other hand, pomegranate is a good source of iron, along with magnesium and copper. If you can give these juices regularly to your child, their energy levels will be increased and they will feel a lot more active.

Dates and raisins

A combination of vitamin C and iron is offered by dry fruits, such as dates and raisins. These dry fruits enable the body to easily and instantly absorb iron. You can give your child a handful of raisins and dates for breakfast or as a mid-day snack. In addition to iron, they will also give your child energy to study and take part in other activities.

So, if you see your child exhibiting any of the symptoms mentioned above, do have a doctor check the haemoglobin count of your child. If he or she is anemic, make sure to follow the home remedies. Anemia can become a life-long condition, if it is not treated early on. For more non-invasive and natural ways of curing anemia, you can visit a health and wellness retreat centre specializing in naturopathy and nature therapies. 

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