Irregular Bowel Movement is the Cause of Serious Health Issues

‘Irregular bowel movement’ is a term that is generally used to describe constipation. Individuals suffering from this condition are unable to predict when a bowel movement should or will occur. In severe cases, a person may go for weeks without a movement. Moreover, when the moment may occur, the urge might be experienced without warning and at the most inopportune of times. Given are some of the serious health issues caused by irregular bowel that can be cured at a renowned naturopathy center.

  • From enlarged hemorrhoids to colorectal cancer, constipation is the major cause of major colorectal disorders.
  • It causes dysbacteriosis, which is a condition where the normal intestinal flora is missing and dead. This flora, when alive, performs some very important functions, such as protecting the colon from inflammatory-causing pathogens, producing vitamin K and essential B-vitamins for blood clotting and more.
  • The risk of becoming a victim to the side effects if drugs are greatly increased in persons suffering from constipation.
  • Women suffering from constipation may experience a host of health problems, from rectal prolapsed inside the vagina and fecal incontinence to miscarriage and more.
  • Chronic constipation lead to stripping the large intestine from its mucosal membrane and causing polyps and lesions that may eventually lead to colon causer.
  • Irregular bowel movements lead to affecting one’s overall quality of life. It increases stress and diminishes well-being. 

So, you can see that irregular bowel movement can be extremely dangerous for your health. But, you can reverse the effect, via naturopathy treatment. The non-drug measures used by leading naturopathy facilities are:

  • Intake of increased water and fiber
  • Leading an active lifestyle and engaging in physical activities
  • Including fresh fruits and vegetables into daily diet

The treatments differ from person to person and according to the severity of the problem. Experts at a reliable naturopathy center can guide you towards relief. 

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