Healthy and glowing skin is the dream of each and every person. But in todays world to maintain such skin is not so easy for surrounding pollution. For this toxin snatches the natural shine of skin and make it dull. Even UV rays are not lag behind to take a role of damaging skin. So, everybody wants to know how to regain the glowing skin naturally. The answer of the question must be yoga, asana, pranayama etc. These are so effective for the body as well as skin that you may feel wide change within few weeks after starting these.

Here are mentioned some important yoga poses to make beautiful, youthful skin for all time.


It is one of the effective pose to achieve healthy and glowing skin by natural way. To improve the digestion power this pose helps a lot. It can also relieve you from lower back and hip pain.


In this pose blood flows to the face which helps for glowing skin. It also helps to increase nutrients and oxygen supply to the skin cells. This is the easiest process to reduce tummy fat without hard work.


This important pose improves the function of thyroid, pituitary glands etc. It also helps for normalizing hormones. For glowing skin good stretching of muscles in face and throat is very much needy. This beneficial pose works on this.


Tension, stress is very vital to show aging stamp on face. This pose helps to supply extra oxygen to the skin cells so that toxin accumulates from the system.


For imbalance of hormones acne, pimples are come out and make the face dull. This pose helps to open up the rib cage make lungs to inhale more oxygen.

Stay each and every pose for 10 to 15 sec and then come back in the normal position. Yoga is a powerful process to flush out toxins from the body. It also helps to improve digestion system and internal system to work properly. Not only healthy and glowing skin but yoga is very much effective for the whole body system and also preventing any diseases.

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