How Is Detoxification Done by Naturopaths?

With increasing awareness of the many side effects arising from conventional medications, modern men and women are getting more and more enamored with naturopathic treatment. Naturopathy cure stresses on the use of the body’s own immune system in curing various types of disorders from the root and not merely suppressing the symptoms as standard medications strive to do. An important part of this kind of treatment is detoxification, which attempts to rid the body of various impurities and toxins which are often the cause of different conditions. Naturopaths do detoxification in the following ways.

Dietary changes: This includes changing the diets of sufferers and making sure that plenty of fruits and vegetables are added to their daily diet. Green veggies and fruits increase the water content of the body and reduce the level of toxins. The intake of beverages is also stopped or reduced to a minimum. This is regarded as one of the best natural ways of detoxifying the body. Eatables such as dry grapes, pomegranate, gourd and bitter drumsticks are added to the daily diet for removal of impurities.

Fruit juice therapy: This is another amazing detoxification process used in nature therapy. Patients are asked to increase their consumption of juices of oranges, grapes and sugarcane. These remove toxins accumulated in the system for a long time. Indian Gooseberry, beetroot and lemon are some of the common fruits that are used for treating various conditions, such as liver disorders. In some cases, wheat grass therapy is used for blood purification which helps cure disorders such as skin problems, anemia, cardiac issues and tuberculosis. The body is provided with active chlorophyll and various important minerals.

Herbal therapy: Short and long-term buildup of impurities and toxins in the body can lead to various disorders. Natural therapy India consists of the use of herbs like Cinnamon, Parsley, Flax seed, Primrose Oil, Garlic, Cayenne pepper for the purpose of detoxifying the body. Naturopaths use herbal teas, extracts, tinctures, poultices, enemas and probiotics for cleaning up the system.

Exercise: Regular exercise is another naturopathy therapy that yields powerful results. Working out increases sweating and helps improve the digestive process. Exercising can improve the overall metabolism, and bathing afterwards removes all traces of impurities that build up on the skin, and can also open up the pores. Oil massages and saunas can completely cleanse the body.

Colon Hydrotherapy: This is another of the powerful naturopathic remedies used in natural therapy. Many naturopaths recommend this method of treatment for detoxification purposes. The treatment process basically consists of cleaning up the colon with the aid of hot water. Trained professionals are entrusted with this method of cleansing, and it is used in many spas and natural health resorts. Proper removal of all impurities from the colon can provide the body with more amount of energy and also boost the immune system of patients. Hydrotherapy also consists of consumption of as many as 10 – 12 tall glasses of water, which flushes out all toxins and impurities from the digestive system. 

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