Homemade food can reduce the chances of stomach cancer

Processed food has taken over the world it seems! And though we love our pizzas, pastas and the chocolate mousse and wine and other attractive fancy foods, it doesnt really give us the nutrition that we need.  More so, eating processed food and fancy edible items for long can actually destroy the stomach lining and affect the small and big intestines that can further lead to stomach cancer. This is the reason why resorting to the old technique of eating home cooked food is a wise decision that makes it possible to avert and alleviate the chances of stomach cancer.

Benefits of home cooked food

Excess processed food and fancy edibles that its sourced from outside has excess fat and bad carbohydrates that fills the stomach for a while, but doesnt at all supply nutrition to the body. Furthermore, processed food increase the toxicity of the body making it sluggish and ultimately lose its vitality. All these paves the path for stomach cancer which is life threatening. To avoid or heal what is needed is simple, home cooked food that is rich in nutrients and provides correct nutrition to the body. In addition to that, home cooked food also comprises of the healthy spices like turmeric and ginger which are excellent for digestion and overall stomach health.

Yoga for a healthy stomach and gut

Excess of outside and processed food that is chemical laden and has enormous amount of cheese, oil, colours and spice results in poor stomach condition as well as leaky gut, which leads to improper digestion, loose motions and naturally  making the body unable to absorb the nutrients from the food taken. Other than switching back to home cooked food, yoga helps in alleviating the chances of stomach cancer. Two yogic postures that are popular to cure all kinds of stomach related issues include the Bhramri Pranayama and the Agnisar. These two yogic exercises works hand in hand and unblocks the energy blockages in the body that takes place due to a sedentary lifestyle as well as improper food in-take and activates the healing process gradually, thereby instilling greater health and vitality. 

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