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    Green tea can reduce inches in a month

      August 22, 2016           by Admin

    The modern day toxic and fat laden food arrangement increases the bad carbohydrates in the body along with acidity, which together results in weight increase, fatigue and lack of vitality! Even our everyday tea with sugar adds to the weight increase. In such a condition, the best remedy that has proved as a miraculous weight loss agent for many is Green Tea. Other than taking it for the antioxidants that it has which boosts the digestive system, green tea has proven to help individuals reduce up to a couple of inches in the waistline within a month’s time!


    There are several ways in which Green tea helps in weight loss. Some of the most effective ways include the following:

    • Regulates metabolism rate and increases the fat-burning metabolism rate: Since fat increase is a condition of poor metabolism, green tea is effective in regulating the metabolism rate to its optimum level and also increases the fat-burning metabolism rate by up to 4% that helps in slashing down the extra pounds off your waist and overall body.
    • Green tea boosts up the energy level: People that have been drinking green tea has reported to be gifted with a bout of fresh energy and vitality, that helps them carry on with their exercises and work-outs in a much better manner, thereby leading to effective weight loss.
    • Green tea balances the appetite: Most of the times weight increase happens with an excessive craving of food. This indicates that the body hormones and appetite is not at a good balance. However, the in-take of Green tea effectively balances the body chemicals and takes away the constant craving for food and actually harmonizes the real appetite for food. This means you only eat when you are really hungry and hence loose all the extra weight that isn’t required.

    There are several other ways in which drinking green tea has been proven beneficial to overall health and dental vitality. However, it helps to lose weight in a month through the above mentioned ways that renders overall wellness to an individual along with slimming down.




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