Get Relief From Stress And Hypertension By Practicing These Yoga Poses

Blood pressure is the pressure at which the blood circulates in your blood vessels. This pressure is because of the functioning of your heart and it fluctuates throughout the day. It is usually highest when you wake up and lowest during the night hours. Blood pressure is one of the crucial functions that indicate a healthy living body. When blood pressure falls above the standard, it is described as hypertension and stress can be a major causal factor.

At Nirvana Naturopathy & Retreat, our trained naturopathy doctors administer therapeutic yoga as one of the best ways to control stress and hypertension. Below given are some of the yoga poses that our yoga and meditation centre in Nashik recommends.

Head To Knee Forward Bend

This pose helps in reducing high blood pressure. It also calms and controls the brain, and improves digestion by reducing stress.

Child Pose

This seating pose helps in improving the circulation of blood, and regularizes the back muscles and hips. It controls the nervous system and relieves constipation problems.

Legs Up The Wall

This supported calming inversion pose is performed with the support of the wall. This pose helps in maintaining and reducing high blood pressure. To get the pose right, come to Nirvana Naturopathy & Retreat. We have experienced yoga instructors.

Forward Bend Pose

This is a seated forward bend pose that helps to reduce the fat deposited in the abdomen part of the body. It also enables weight loss, and helps to tone the shoulders. It helps to normalize high blood pressure and acts as a fantastic stress reliever.

Corpse Pose

This yoga asana helps in repairing the cells and tissues in the body, and releases stress. It is a powerful yoga pose that helps people who are suffering from high blood pressure, insomnia and controlling anxiety. We can help you master this pose at our naturopathy retreat centre.

Camel Pose

The camel pose will make you stretch your anterior muscles, which helps in improving flexibility of your body and give strength to your spine. Also, it helps in reducing abdominal fat and proves extremely effective in reducing blood pressure. It is advised that you perform this yoga asana under the strict guidance of our instructors.

So, these are few of the poses that you can practice to reduce stress and hypertension. For more information, come to our yoga and meditation centre in Nashik.

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