Empty Stomach Causes Belly Fat and Other Health Risks

In a fast paced world, people often overlook their dietary habits. This slowly begins to affect the health, internally. Breakfast is the most neglected meals of the day, whereas, it is also the most important meal of the day. Staying empty stomach over a prolonged period of time causes numerous adverse health effects. Take a look at how skipping meals and sleeping hungry can affect your overall well being.

  • Accumulation of fat leading to weight gain - A lot of men and women believe that skipping meals and staying empty stomach is a wonderful way to lose weight. On the contrary, it adds to belly fat. When the stomach is empty for a long time, it leads the body to think there is something wrong and the stress levels increases, thereby boosting fat storage. If you have a habit of staying hungry, you will notice that you over a period of time, even drinking water is adding onto your weight. In health centers, fitness experts always harp on the importance of eating a balanced diet for weight loss treatment
  • Decrease in brain activeness - The various activities of the brain are dependent on food. Without proper intake of food, the brain will not get its fuel to function properly and eventually, the neural functioning of the brain will be adversely affected leading to poor concentration levels
  • A lethargic feeling - When the body does not receive the necessary nutrition, it is not able to function properly. If you stay empty stomach for long hours, you will find yourself becoming exhausted very fast
  • Increased chances of dehydration - If after dinner, the next meal is lunch, the chances of dehydration increases. Dehydration also causes other health problems, such as dizziness, low blood pressure and decreased energy

The health experts and dietitian at wellness treatment center are always harping on the importance of a well-balanced diet, intake of lots of water and light exercise. Starving is never the answer to losing weight, but it makes one prone to various diseases and illnesses. If you want to lose weight or gain strength, talk to an expert today before starving yourself. 

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