Don't Let Air Pollution Affect Your Health. Here's 5 Natural Ways to Boost Immunity!

Pollution is not just an issue for India and China, but the entire world is desperately trying to find a solution for the rising levels of pollutants. In the urban cities, especially, the quality of air is dipping fast. Recently, Delhi was in the news due to its extremely poor air quality. Schools, colleges, universities and workplaces had to be shut down, people avoided having to step out of their homes and there was fog everywhere.

Well, if you cannot do anything about the pollution outside, you can at least take measures to make yourself strong from the inside to prevent various pollution-related health conditions.

Some of the short-term health conditions from exposure to air pollution are:

  • Wheezing
  • Bronchitis
  • Pneumonia
  • Irritation of the nose, eyes, skin or throat
  • Headache or dizziness

There are also long-term, harmful health effects of pollution, such as:

  • Lung cancer
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Nerve, kidney, liver and brain damage
  • Respiratory disease
  • Prolonged exposure to pollution may even lead to causing birth defects

While the scientists and environmentalists are already working very hard to find an answer to reduce or eliminate air pollution, it is your responsibility to stay safe and take responsibility of your own health. The only way to do that is by strengthening your immunity system. You may opt to take a break from your normal life and stay in a wellness & retreat center in the midst of nature for a few days or follow a daily routine to stay strong and healthy.

Given below are 5 natural tips from experienced naturopaths that will help you to boost your immune system:

1. Keep yourself hydrated: This is one of the easiest ways to combat the adverse effects of pollution. Make sure that you always keep yourself hydrated by drinking a lot of water. By drinking a lot of water the whole day, you will be able to keep not just your body, but skin moist, as well. In case you are unable to consumer liters of water, make sure to keep drinking some liquid or the other. Fruit juices without any preservatives are a good option.

2. Concoction of Basil leaf with black pepper: Since naturopathy is a branch of alternative medicine that believes in all things natural, the doctors of naturopathy believes that inner strength can be improved by drinking a concoction of basil leaf and black pepper. This is particularly beneficial for those who have breathing problems.

3. Liquid and fruity diet: You need to forget about eating spicy and fatty food if you want to combat the harmful effects of pollution. Your diet must consist of lots of fruits and juices. This is a great way to detoxify and it will also help you to have enough stamina to withstand air pollution.

4. Vegetables: When you are living and breathing air pollution, you are being exposed to free radicals. The damage caused to the body by these free radicals can be prevented if you adopt a diet rich in antioxidants. Regularly consumer vegetables high on antioxidants, such as carrots, blueberries, goji berries and kidney beans.

5. Omega-3: This is one kind of fat that you should not want to cut back on. Omega-3 is typically found in seeds, fish and nuts. Consuming food rich in Omega-3 like, flaxseed, salmon and mackerels, your body will have what it takes to control lung conditions, such as asthma.

Remember that your protection is your responsibility. Follow the above-mentioned tips to prevent becoming a victim to the harmful effects of air pollution. For better results, pack your bags and stay a naturopathy center for a few days. Let the experienced naturopaths take good care of you!

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