Dietary Guide To Shed The Puja Weight

Being home to 9 recognized religions, India is a potpourri of culture, tradition and grand celebrations. Every state in the country celebrates a minimum of 20to 30 religious festivals at various times of the year. And the celebrations are nothing short of grandeur, oomph and pizzazz! 

Recently, the country celebrated Durga Puja, Diwali and is gearing up for Christmas. As you know, the festive season is synonymous with food and Nirvana Naturopathy & Retreat, the nature cure centre near Mumbai, hopes to get you back in shape before the birth of Jesus. 

Our naturopathy doctors understand that festivals are treated as cheat days and it is a time when people consume carbonated drinks, fast food and salted snacks in a large quantity. This leads to increasing the calorie intake. By the end of it all, you will feel a few kilos heavier. But, dont beat yourself too much. We have the perfect dietary guide to help you shed a few pounds before Christmas and the New Years celebrations. 

Avoid Midnight Binges: During the night, the bodys metabolism decreases. So, the food you consume will take much longer to break down, which leads to abdominal fat. You need to avoid eating too much at night. 

Cleanse your system with a liquid-based diet: After torturing your body with a lot of junk food, it is time for cleanse. To put less stress on your liver and digestive system, you can follow a diet of juices like, vegetable juice, fresh fruit juice, coconut water and so on. This will help your body to repair itself and give you more energy. 

Wholesome Breakfast: Start your day with a healthy, wholesome breakfast containing of oats, brown rice, upma, ragi dosa and so on. 

Light Lunch: For lunch, you can have a glass of coconut water, along with brown rice or whole grain roti, veggie and dal (pulse). 
Healthy evening snacks: Stay away from sugar and fried items for the evening and consume pulses or sprouts salads. 

Lighter Dinner: You need to rest your bodys digestive system, and therefore, eat very light at night. You can have salad, veggies and soup. 

Along with a good diet, we also recommend following a workout regime. It can be brisk walking, jogging or running. You can also practice yoga. 

If you need a concrete weight management plan post-Puja, you can reserve your stay at our lavish naturopathy resort in Nashik. 

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