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“Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you”, by John Dipole.

21st century is competitive, fast and target-oriented! Elements that will make it a tad bit difficult for young professionals and senior managers to get clam within. Every individual catering to a 9 am to 9pm (or more) routine is affected by the bug called “Corporate Stress”, that gradually poses a challenge on one’s mind, health and entire well-being! Are you bitten by that bug, then don’t worry as we are here by your side at Nirvana Naturopathy. The latest fitness-facts reveal that majority of employees in an office witnesses minor to major health concerns, that’s further aggravated by the corporate stress like:

  • Diabetes
  • Hyper-tension
  • Obesity
  • Smoke/Alcohol addict
  • High-cholesterol
  • Depression
  • Gastritis 

The list is endless!

However, apart from stress and stress-related problems, 21st century also gives companies multiple meaningful ways to curb down the negative impacts of “Corporate Stress” and promote employee well-being and wellness. One solution that has been benefiting millions round the globe is naturopathy. This is where Nirvana Naturopathy steps in.

Corporate Wellness Program – Nirvana Naturopathy: At Nirvana Naturopathy we’ve realized that “care” is actually the “cure” of all ailments and bodily discomforts. And if this “care” comes from natural ways and therapies, which does not have any hazardous side effects, then other getting healed employees are also renewed with a new zest and zeal from within. This is exactly what our Corporate Wellness Program aims to do. We make it possible for eminent brands to treat and take care of their employees as extended family members. As happy, healthy employees translates to increased profits, lower attrition rates and increased corporate goodwill.

What to expect from Nirvana Naturopathy’s Corporate Wellness Program?

Encompassed by lush green fields, a huge water body and benign hillocks, Nirvana Naturopathy &Retreat is a well-structured nature cure center that provides the apt ambience for corporate professionals to heal and renew their lives. 

Our Corporate Wellness Program is a 3-day regime that is intended to bring about:

  • Positive shifts to individual mindset
  • Quality changes to the body
  • Complete rejuvenation by eradicating accumulated toxins from the body
  • Peace and an overall sense of calm through the practices of yogic kriyas and meditation
  • Greater awareness as to how the ancient cures benefits the human body
  • A desire to switch to a natural and peaceful way of life despite working for the corporate sector

Nirvana Naturopathy’s Corporate Wellness Program will include natural cure therapies like the traditional Shirodhara, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Hydrotherapy, Massage Therapy, Diet Therapy, Abdominal Packs and many more depending on the requirement of employees. The benefits of each therapy, which as and when used will be explained to the employees by the expert naturopath’s of our center.

Importance of Corporate Wellness Program: Often employees to bounce back fast from any ailment resort to allopathic drugs that only suppresses the symptoms temporarily. Proper cure is imperative so that an employee works to his best capacity without having any negative emotions and incurring health concerns. We at Nirvana Naturopathy, have carefully designed our Corporate Wellness Program to bring a boost to employee well-being and his/her productivity, promoting health and happiness. 

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