Can Naturopathy Treat Osteoarthritis? Find Out!

Suffering from osteoarthritis? There is good and bad news for you!


The bad news is that there is no cure for this degenerative condition, one of the most common forms of arthritis. Millions of people are affected by it. But the good news is that you can treat osteoarthritis and reduce pain and inflammation with the help of naturopathy treatments in Mumbai.


Here, take a look at some of the common naturopathic remedies for osteoarthritis as suggested by experienced naturopathy specialists.


Consumption of anti-inflammatory foods


Several research has revealed that there are certain types of food that can reduce swelling and inflammation, which is the main reason for the pain that people with osteoarthritis suffer from.


Omega-3 fatty acids seem to play an essential role in improving joint healing and wound and controlling inflammation. This helps to slow down the progression of the condition.


Ideally, your diet should consist of a lot of vegetables, fish, whole grains, and healthy fats. These food items can help reduce inflammation and allow you to lead an everyday life.




Acupuncture, the Chinese practice with thin needles, is used in treating osteoarthritis. It involves the insertion of needles into particular points on the body in order to relieve pain.


If you are unable to lead an everyday life because of the pain, acupuncture can significantly help.


Massage therapy


Even if you get a massage for an hour, you can expect to experience massive relief from osteoarthritis pain.


Massage is one of the popular naturopathy remedies for osteoarthritis as, along with pain, it also helps to relieve stiffness and enhance mobility. The muscle spasms that you might be feeling around your joints can be soothed with a good massage, and you can also get rid of your stress and anxiety.


However, arthritic joints have to be handled very delicately as they are sensitive. You must only refer to a professional.




Practicing yoga asanas is one of the best ways to boost flexibility and reduce joint pains. Also, it will help to increase your mobility, and you can look forward to it. You can do all your household chores and live healthier.


Weight loss


Excessive weight leads to putting a lot of pressure on the joints. This results in inflammation and pain. Since the joints are already sensitive, putting them under unnecessary stress wouldn’t be wise. You can lose weight by practicing yoga, walking or jogging, changing your diet, and altering your lifestyle.


These are only a few of the naturopathy treatments for osteoarthritis that naturopathy doctors recommend. If you want more information, you need to visit the best naturopathy resort in India.


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