Begin your ulcer recovery journey through your stomach

Relying on medication to cure your ulcers? That’s probably not a very good idea!

Simply changes like, lifestyle changes and diet changes can actually help you to significantly reduce your symptoms and save you from the side-effects of long-term consumption of pharmaceutical drugs. This is what we believe in at Nirvana Naturopathy & Retreat and we are touted as a well-known naturopathy wellness facility in India.

Also, medication only suppresses the symptoms of your ulcers and gives you temporary relief. A holistic approach to getting well gives you a better shot at keeping ulcers permanently at bay.

We, at Nirvana Naturopathy & Retreat, have compiled some recommendations from our certified and experienced naturopaths that will help you break-up with ulcers for good and it all begins from changing what you intake.

  • Quit smoking: Yes, you have to completely stop smoking. By smoking, you are increasing the risks of getting an ulcer. Moreover, smokers also take a really long time to heal. So, just break out of your toxic relationship with cigarettes and big adieu to ulcers forever.
  • Diet management: Previously, people suffering from ulcers were told to eat bland, small meals and drink lots of milk. But, our naturopathy doctors will tell you otherwise. You do not have to give up on your favorite food items, you simply have to watch and manage what you eat. For instance, avoid food items that irritate your stomach. On a regular basis, stick to healthy, nutritious meals that is a combination of green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, protein and less carb. You can also consume vegetable juices, especially made from raw spinach, carrot, beet and cucumber.
  • Reduce alcohol intake: Cut back on alcohol intake or better yet, stop drinking altogether. This will help your body to heal naturally.
  • Do not stress: OK, stress may not be a major reason for ulcers and it is not related to your stomach, but it does have a connection with it. We suggest that you practice yoga and meditation on a daily basis. At our wellness and retreat facility, we will have massage therapies that will help you get rid of stress and not just cure ulcers, but gain overall well-being. 

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