Are you doing yoga according to your body type? Letís find out!

Practicing yoga everyday is extremely healthy and good for your overall well-being. However, doing any yoga will not be beneficial for your body or mind. You have to accept that no two individuals are alike, and therefore, it is not necessary that the asanas or yoga poses that work for your friend, will work the same way for you. So, are you practicing the yoga poses that are meant for your body type? Keep reading to know if you are.

What are the different types of body?

Yoga is a Hindu ascetic and spiritual discipline that have been around for more than thousands of years. The yogi or gurus believe that broadly there are 3 body types classified according to the distribution of body tissues. The different types of body are called doshas. Even a physicianís description of body types is pretty much similar to this theory. When it comes to yoga, the best results can only be derived if you follow the exact asanas meant for your particular body type.

Here, take a look below at the 3 broad categories and see where you fall. 

  • Ectomorph: Ectomorphís are characterized by fast metabolism, a predominance of nervous tissues and the difficulty to build muscle mass. Athletes belonging to this group will highly benefit from intense weight training focused on muscle groups and very little cardio, and a high calorific diet. You will notice that the yogis from this category are usually very flexible and slender. Since they have long limbs, they do not face any difficulty performing fancy yoga postures. Ancient medicine practitioner refers to people in this group as Vata Dosha.
  • Mesomorph: An athletic nature, predominance of muscle tissue in the body and the tendency to easily gain muscle mass and fat defines people belonging to this category. Mesomorphís need to always keep a check on their calorie intake. This group in alternative medicine disciplines is called Pitta Dosha and it is believed that they have a high metabolism and can eat whatever they want before reaching 40. The yogic gurus found in this group mostly have shorter joints and large bone structures. They are not able to perform all the yoga asanas as easily as Vatta Doshas. However, they do have the determination and strength to practice hard.
  • Endomorph: Endomorph or Kapha Dosha individuals are characterized by bulky body features, predominance of lymphatic tissue in the body and fast weight gain due to slow metabolism. These people must maintain a low calorific diet and their workout must include a lot of cardio. Even though the yogis in this group are largely limited in their asana performance, they have excellent stamina and can a posture forever, especially standing posture. 

So, now do you know which category you fall into owing to your body type? If you still have any doubts, it will be best to simply make reservations at a wellness and rejuvenation retreat center. These centers usually have experts who can assist you in understanding your body composition and will also customize yoga practices for you. And for those who understood, given below are the yoga asanas most beneficial as per your body type.

Yoga Asanas for Vata Dosha or Ectomorph : The best yoga practices for this group would be those that hold postures to prop support for stability and build strength, mantra meditations and concentration to train the mind to stay focused. Virabhadrasana I, sarvangasana and such other standing and light yoga postures are perfect. Vinyasa yoga and kundalini yoga, as well as, pranayama are fast paced and must be avoided.

Yoga Asanas for Pitta Dosha or Mesomorph: People belonging to this group have a lot of energy oozing out, and therefore, a slow hatha flow or yin yoga is most beneficial. Bikram Yoga is not recommended because the excess heat in the room leads to aggravating the dosha.

Yoga Postures for Kapha Dosha or Endomorph: People belonging to this category tend to be more inclined towards leading a sedentary life and for them, ashtanga yoga, vinyasa practices, kundalini yoga and fast-paced pranayama is extremely beneficial.

If you were wondering why even after spending hours doing yoga you were not seeing or experiencing any results, it is probably because you are doing it all wrong. Instead of just reading a magazine or watching YouTube to learn about yoga postures and imitating them, it is best to talk to proficient yogic teachers. Set amidst nature, the retreat facilities are perfect to help you connect with your inner spirit while learning the ideal yoga for your body type.

So, are you ready to achieve your fitness goals this year? Health and wellness centers are not hard to find!

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