Winter is Coming! Here’s 10 Ways to Boost Your Immunity System

Indians, winter is coming. A nip in the air can already be felt and you probably wrap yourself in a warm quilt or blanket for a good night’s sleep.

You must already know that the winter season is infamous for flu and cold. Oh, all those sneezing, sore throat and coughing! Why put yourself through so much of torture? Thanks to naturopathy treatment in Mumbai, it is possible to balance and strengthen your immune system to avoid infections and enjoy the cold, chilly winters.

So, how can you boost your immune system naturally? The naturopathy doctors at the naturopathy centre in India outlines ten ways for you to follow. Here, take a look.

# Bye-bye junk, Hello balanced diet

Naturopathy albeit an alternative medicine, but it has been around since ancient times. In fact, even before the birth of allopathy and all the fancy pharmaceutical drugs and surgical treatments.

In naturopathy, it is believed that a healthy digestive system solves half the problem. As a matter of fact, naturopathy doctors are often heard saying that diseases and infections are the result of an unbalanced and disturbed digestive tract. So, you need to keep your tummy happy.

Make sure to include healthy nutrients in your diet like, vitamin C, A, E and D, along with minerals, such as zinc and selenium, and also omega 3s. Lay emphasis on eating whole foods like, high-quality animal protein, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds, and a lot of fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables.

You must avoid fried foods, processed meats, processed baked goods, soft drinks and products with refined sugar and artificial sweeteners. If you eat too much of these food items, your immunity system will be suppressed and you will become vulnerable to contracting cold and flu.

# Use spices and herbs

Believe it or not, herbs and spices are very healthy. They have components that boost the immune system. So, when cooking, use lots of garlic, onion, black peppercorn, ginger, allspice, cayenne pepper and turmeric.

# Plenty of vitamin C is your friend

Vegetables and fresh fruit are an excellent source of vitamin C. This will improve your immune system and keep your body healthy. You can eat lots of citrus, berries, bell peppers, kiwi and dark green vegetables for your daily fix of vitamin C.

# Drink lots and lots of water

Did you know that water helps to boost the production of lymph? For the uninitiated, lymph helps to carry white blood cells and other such immune system cells throughout the body. Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water is one of the best gifts that you give your body and health. For that extra boost, you can add lemon to your water. Just a small slice will do.

# Sleep!

Whoever laughs at you for sleeping 7 to 8 hours a day does not know anything about staying healthy. Your body deserves the rest. Do not deprive your body of a minimum of 7 to 8 hours of rest as chronic fatigue and exhaustion can enhance your risk of contracting illnesses. Additionally, try and sneak in an afternoon nap or siesta. Your body will definitely thank you for it!

# Include friendly bacteria to your diet

80% of the immune system is known to be located in the digestive system. So, for a healthy immune system, it is very important to keep your gut healthy.

Probiotics are good bacteria and they can be found in fermented and whole foods like, miso, raw sauerkraut, kefir, yoghurt, microalgae and kimchi. In case you choose to take supplements, ensure that it is from a trusted and renowned brand. This is a highly recommended naturopathy treatment in Mumbai.

# Say no to antibiotics

Of course, how much is possible! Antibiotics are not really good for health. In fact, they’re known to attack all the good bacteria in the digestive system and also suppress the immune system.

Unless there is no other way, but to take them, avoid them as much as possible.

According to the naturopathy doctors in a naturopathy centre in India, there are alternatives to antibiotics. For instance, if you are suffering from cold, you can sip on a cup of hot water with ginger, lemon and organic honey.

# Soak up vitamin D

For this, you don’t have to eat or do anything special. Just wake up a little early and soak up the sun. Sun is one of the best sources of vitamin D. Try and go out a few days for week for about 30 minutes. Do not wear any sunscreen and make sure that the sun is not at its highest. You can also try fatty fish for vitamin D.

In case you live in a concrete jungle and do not get mush fresh air and sun, you can head to a naturopathy centre. Since a retreat and wellness centre is situated in the midst of lush green, you will get a lot of sun and pure air to breathe.

# Shake it up and exercise!

Exercise will not only help you to stay in great shape, but also improve your immune system. Your body will become stronger and you will get great sleep. Make sure to find the time to workout. You can also try yoga and meditation. Long walks are great and you can take them when at a naturopathy centre in India

# Laugh, relax and have fun!

Depression and chronic stress can lead to weakening the immune system. It can make you vulnerable to diseases. So, it is absolutely must that you enjoy your life. After working 9-5 and handling domestic chores, you deserve a break. You can head to a naturopathy centre and let go of all of your stress and anxiety.

Need to know more about how to stay protected for the winter? Pack your bags and head to a naturopathy centre in India. The naturopathy doctors will provide you with bespoke naturopathy treatment in Mumbai.

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