Suffering from Gas and Bloating? 7 Natural Ways to Take Back Control of Your Life!

It is high time that you address the ‘foul smelling elephant’ in the room. People often shun away from having open discussions on this matter as if it is a ‘social stigma’. The truth is that farting (or breaking wind, passing wind, air attack, flatulence…or whatever you call it) is a natural human process. Yes, it is embarrassing and awkward, especially when it comes unannounced in your place of work, while traveling in the shuttle or stuck in a lift with 7 other people, but it is completely natural.

With that said, very few would disagree that it farting is extremely uncomfortable and can also lead to breaking relationships! Well, you can try holding it in, but that would not really help you much and make you feel even more bloated than what you already are.

So, what can you do to prevent yourself from falling victim to such embarrassment? Here, keep reading to find out the natural ways by which you can reduce your digestive problems and put an end (hopefully!) to excessive gas.

Do you chew your food properly? If not, you should consider it!

If you were not aware, proper digestion actually begins from your mouth because your mouth is the entryway to your digestive system. So, by properly chewing your food, you will make it easier for your digestive system to process it. This way, your body will be able to easily digest the food.

Eat food items that are rich in good bacteria

Do you know what the powerhouse of digestion is? Tiny microorganisms present in your digestive tract. Include myriad naturally cultured and fermented food to enhance the flora of your gut. Sauerkraut, yoghurt, fermented vegetables and kimchi are naturally rich in such probiotic bacteria that you can add to your food diet.

Make friends with real foods

Fresh organic, whole foods are your best friend. You need to break ties with processed junk food items that are simply overloaded with salt, sugar, carbs and oil. Such food items offer zero nourishment to the body and are also difficult to process by the digestive system.

Are you taking care of your liver? Start showing some love

You are probably unaware of this, but it is your liver that is responsible for the smooth and efficient functioning of your digestive system. So, fill yourself up with food items like, leafy vegetables, carrots and beets. If you can, cut back on the alcohol!

Drink a lot of water

Dehydrated people suffer the most from digestive problems. You need to get as much water as possible into your system every single day. In case drinking plain water is not appealing, you can mix a spoon of apple cider vinegar or lime juice.

Commit to regular detox sessions

The level of urban pollution in your body is probably sky high and hectic life is to be blamed for it. You need to set out a time for yourself to flush out all the toxins from your body. You can try hydrotherapy, mud therapies and so on, to detox.

Practice yoga diligently

Maybe working out at the gym or running is not your thing, but you can do yoga. Yoga has different asanas and you can choose the ones that work the best for you. If you regularly practice yoga, you will be able to have better control over breathing, as well as, feel less stress. These will lead to lowering the incidence of ‘awkward’ situations.

Put a stop to embarrassing, stinky gas leaks by following the above-mentioned natural tips. If you follow any special regime to keep your digestive system fit and fine, do not hesitate to leave your comments below. 

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