Is Yoga Safe During Menstruation?

Menstruation is common to all women, except aged. The experience of every woman is different about their menstruation circle and duration. But they all agree that this time is not enjoyable any more. Some suffers from intolerable pain, some gets annoyed and even most of women don’t want to get out during this time. Many societies believe that menstruation time is the resting time and they encourage the women to take rest.

There are many opinions about ‘Yoga during menstruation’. Some say to practice it and some say to ignore. As this time is not same to all women, then we can say that if you have extreme menstruation then stop yoga during this time. It may cause negative emotions. If you don’t face any problem during this time then you can practice some asanas.

Yoga to avoid during menstruation

There are some asanas that are strictly avoided during menstruation time. Like Manipur chakra and mooladhar chakra some asanas are very useful for the body. But during menstruation it spreads negative effects. Even it can disturb or stop your menstruation and can cause many other side effects. Which asanas that create pressure on abdomen and pelvic must be avoided.

Yoga to practice during menstruation

It is not so much important that you have to practice yoga in your difficult time. You can easily stop for three or four days. Some asanas give gentle movement to abdomen and pelvic region that can help in heavy bleeding, cramping. This also throws positive effect on mind. Ugrasana, Vajrasan, Shashankasana, Paschimattasana, vakrasana can be done during this time. But remember it; only practice yoga if you don’t face any trouble for your menstruation.

At the same time pranayam and meditation are useful practices during menstruation time. These can help you to fight against pain. Many times top naturopathy centers recommend yoga nidra in this time.

If you don’t feel any uncomfortable then these asanas can help to alleviate period pain. These also effects on mind and can balance emotions like anger, anxiety, depression, irritation etc.          

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