Combat Digital Stress With Corporate Wellness Program

The stress caused by the insanely fast pace of modern life is increasing at an exponential rate. Work responsibilities, social life and over-exposure of technology are some of the factors that contribute to this stress. At Nirvana Naturopathy & Retreat, we like to call this stress as digital stress as it is typically caused by technology and the high demand of constantly staying connected to the online world. A lot of people develop this compulsive need to check their phone or emails every couple of minutes. 

In our nature cure and yoga centre in Nashik, we have come across people suffering the following types of digital stress:

  • Where he/she is stressed due to the hostility or meanness experienced through a digital medium
  • Where he/she is stressed due to having to constantly maintain multiple online accounts across various digital platforms

Now, you might think that technology is making things easier for the employees to work productively. On the contrary, technology is causing them a lot of stress and making it difficult for them to focus on their tasks. The demand for multi-tasking is too much for a lot of people. In the long-run, all of this is affecting their concentration, memory, and their ability to make sound decisions. 

So, if you are running an organization and find your employees stressed, you can try our corporate wellness programs. These programs have been carefully designed by our experienced naturopathy doctors for high-stress employees. We aim to teach various techniques like, meditation and mindfulness so that employees are capable of combating digital stress. Our programs also seek to bring about lifestyle changes by motivating them to improve their nutrition consumption and get more sleep. 

As one of the leading naturopathy resorts in India, our corporate wellness programs include drugless treatments and nature cure therapies. We seek to motivate people to take up yoga and lead a healthy life. When the mind is calm and the body is strong, employees will be able to work better, absenteeism will be fewer and the overall company bottom line will get a huge boost. 

So, get in touch with Nirvana Naturopathy & Retreat and avail our fantastic benefits from our corporate wellness management programs. This is your first step to reduce digital stress and our staff will give you all the support and assistance that you need. Check out our 5-star accommodation options. 

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