Benefits of Acupressure & Acupuncture – 5 Reasons why these Methods are Used in Naturopathy

Acupuncture and acupressure are two highly popular methods of treatment that originated in China. For many centuries, it has also been practiced in other countries of Asia, such as Japan and Korea. In these treatment methods, particular points of the body – referred to as “acupoints” – are stimulated with the help of metallic needles or with simple finger pressure. Today, these are also a part of naturopathy treatment and practiced in many naturopathy centers in Mumbai. Find out why these are so widely used.

These mostly do not have any side effects

With both methods, side effects are only very rare. When carried out by a practitioner who is well-trained and registered the risks of adverse effects are much lower when compared to medicines and other standard allopathic medical treatment methods which are used for curing similar disorders.

These are not age-specific cures

The two processes can be performed on sufferers of any age group, whether elderly people, adults or kids. These generally do not hurt or have any contraindications. Such kinds of methods can be used without interfering with any medicines or treatment processes which are ongoing. Even individuals with low immunity can benefit from these, which makes them part of treatment in the best naturopathy centers in India.

These help cure different ailments

A lot of people have found relief from various kinds of ailments, such as fatigue, stress, insomnia, joint pain, back pain and headache. Even very feeble patients have found a boost in overall stamina and energy levels.

These can be performed by self

The methods, once learned from a qualified naturopathy in India practitioner, can be performed even at home by patients. These heal the body and cleanse the system without any external help.

These help in detoxification

Regular use of the methods can cleanse the lymphatic system and remove fluids and toxins which lead to poor immunity and cellulite development. 

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