6 Health Trends That Are Being Considered Hot in 2018

2017 was a year marked by a lot of apple cider vinegar. People from around the world started to consider it as some sort of magic drink that could drastically take care of all of their health and weight issues! However, without going into the whole debate of whether apple cider vinegar is really beneficially or not, let’s take a look at the brand new wellness fads are on the rise in 2018. Keep reading to know about the most popular ones and make sure to include it into your list of New Year resolutions…because let’s face it, New Year celebrations is still not over!

Turmeric is all the Buzz Today!

No, it is not only your grandmother who believes that turmeric (haldi) is great for your skin and overall well-being, but everywhere you go, you are bound to find turmeric-flavored everything. Even if you turn to the Internet for insight, be rest assured to read a lot about ‘golden milk’. This milk is nothing, but a spice-filled beverage that has been in use since ancient times in naturopathic medicine. If you still haven’t tried milk with turmeric, its high time that you should.

Jackfruit is the New Superfood

You must already know the harmful effects of meat consumption and must also be aware of the whole ‘go vegan’ chant, but do not be disheartened because there is jackfruit to save you. Cutting down on meat can not only helps you to lose weight, but also keep a lot of health conditions at bay. So, whenever you feel the urge or craving for meat, you can resort to eating jackfruit. People who regularly eat jackfruit swear that it takes nothing like a fruit and more like meat.

Yoga is the New Exercise

The ancient gurus have practiced yoga to keep themselves fit and healthy. They did not have to spend hours doing cardio or hitting the gym. It seems that the ancient practices are coming back, but only in a newer form. For example, there are diverse types of yoga being practiced across the world today. From bikram or hot yoga and aerial yoga to underwater yoga and even beer yoga, people are signing up for different types of yoga classes to stay fit and healthy. And at the rate the subscriptions to yoga classes are going up, you can tell that people really have accepted yoga as a part of their lives.

Workleisure is the Present-day Formals

Remember athleisure? Athleisure gave birth to the trend of wearing leggings and tank tops outside of the gym. And now, super comfortable and breathable clothes are making their way into offices. It is fun to work in such stylish and relaxing attire, and people are quickly hooking onto the trend. Dressing smart, yet casual allows the body to breathe and this also leads to enhancing one’s overall health and well-being.

Healthy Snacking is Trending

Previously, snacks meant munching onto everything unhealthy that contained a whole lot of sugar, carbohydrate and other such utterly harmful ingredients for the health. Thankfully, people have woken up from their slumber and started realizing the terrible effect that such snacking habits have. Today, people are more inclined to opt for healthy snacks, such as fruits, juices, dry fruits and things like that. This helps them to maintain a balanced diet and also keep their body fit.

Low Calorie Ice-creams

Yes, the name itself sounds too healthy and unappetizing. But, this is the new trend and a healthy one at that. Now, before you start feeling repulsed inside, know that low-calorie ice-creams today taste exactly like normal ice-cream because they are made that way. In fact, the trend today is to make ice-creams taste as natural as possible with less sugar and such other unhealthy ingredients.

So, how many of them are already in your list of New Year’s resolution? If you want to live a long and fulfilling life, it t is important that you put down as many of the above-mentioned heath trends as you can. in case you need a little more help to get started, you can always take a week off from your busy schedule and travel to a wellness retreat or facility. You will definitely feel a changed person when you resume normal life.

Are there any wellness trends that you would like to add and feel that it deserves a place on this life? Go ahead and drop a comment so that you can enlighten the others battling health conditions, weight issues and more such problems. 

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