5 Primary Benefits of Shirodhara

Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic treatment method which is also referred to as the 'Third Eye Treatment'. A stream of liquid is steadily poured onto the head of a sufferer from a metallic plot. Plain water, coconut water, buttermilk, medicated milk and herbal oils are some of the liquids which are used in this method, for curing various problems. This is a completely natural treatment method which is used even in the best naturopathy centre in India. Read on to find out about 5 of the primary benefits of Shirodhara.

It can relax the mind and body

The medicated liquids and oils used in the process help relax the body and mind by removing the harmful toxins accumulated in the body. The removal of toxins helps purify the soul and the body. It helps enhance relaxation and makes one feel more positive about life. As the body is cooled down, the stress levels are reduced and the concentration level is also increased.

It assists in increasing energy

The oil which is poured onto the head flows to all the other areas of the body. This helps increase energy in the body, and makes people feel fitter and more active. Many naturopathy Mumbai centers use this treatment method for the treatment of weak and feeble patients, trying to recover after long-term ailments.

It can improve healing

This method assists nutrients from oils to freely flow to the brain, which assists in healing the body from deep within.

It can treat insomnia

In naturopathy in India, sleeplessness is cured with this method. Mahamash and Mahanarayan oils and medicated liquids calm the mind and stabilize the nervous system. This helps sufferers to be cured of insomnia.

It can treat hair loss

The flow of oil on the scalp, temples and hair can help cure hair loss problems. Regular use of oils can make hair follicles stronger and encourage the growth of new hair. 

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