5 Natural Ways To Treat Colitis

Will consuming an herb give you relief from ulcerative colitis? Is yoga the key to soothing colitis? Naturopathy and natural therapies might not be your primary treatment approach, but it can help manage your symptoms and decrease the frequency of flares. 

Unfortunately, there is no cure for colitis. It is a chronic disease that leads to inflammation of the large intestine as a result of a faulty immune response. This creates ulcers or sores in the lining of the colon and causes massive irritation. So, you can pop as many pills as you want, but this condition will keep coming back. Lucky for you, Nirvana Naturopathy & Retreat can help you get relief naturally. At our nature cure and yoga centre near Mumbai, we treat patients suffering from colitis without any kind of drugs.

Here are the five natural ways that our experienced naturopaths recommend for treating colitis.

  • Elimination of food that heighten colitis symptoms: As one of the premier naturopathy retreat centres in India, our aim is to motivate you to eat healthy and lead a fitter life. Changing your diet is the first step towards curbing colitis. If you have colitis, you must avoid caffeine, greasy foods, raw fruits and dairy products. You can maintain a food diary to remember which food triggered your colitis symptoms.
  • Regular exercise: Exercising regularly can help to reduce the inflammations caused by colitis. You can swim, walk or practice yoga on a daily basis. However, do not exert yourself too much as that can cause mild systemic inflammation.
  • Do not take stress: Too much stress plays a role in inflammatory bowel diseases. To keep yourself calm, you can try meditation, deep breathing techniques, mud therapy, sauna and so on. All of this will help you to relax your body and mind. We provide such therapies in our naturopathy resort in Nashik.
  • Consume omega-3 fatty acids: You can add omega-3 fatty acids as a part of your healthy diet. Omega-3 fats have a strong anti-inflammatory action and can provide relief to colitis patients.
  • Keep yourself hydrated: It is important that you keep yourself hydrated so that your bodily functions are able to work properly.
So, reach out to Nirvana Naturopathy & Retreat and avail our naturopathy treatment for colitis. Our naturopathy doctors will provide you a bespoke treatment plan based on your specific needs. Book your reservation.

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