5 Hottest Health and Wellness Trends Dominating 2017

Green tea addict? Well, it is time to keep your cup aside and know what is new in the world of fitness, health and mindfulness.

As you must be knowing, 2017 has been a year all about staying in shape, being fit and healthy. People have become fitness freaks and are doing their best to achieve the desired level of fitness. However, there are people who are still doing it all wrong. How? Popping pharmaceutical drugs, known as diet pills and going under the knife to lose all the flabs. All this is causing more harm than good to your body. Fortunately, there are cutting-edge facilities offering 100% natural cures to help people become healthier without becoming prey to the side effects caused by Western medicine.

The good news is that these natural remedies do a lot more than helping people lose weight. They also help in curing diverse health conditions, such as diabetes, gastritis, jaundice, arthritis and so on.

So, without further ado, take a look at some of the health practices that you need to adopt.

Hit Pause for Recovery

Tirelessly working out is not the solution to achieve good health. You need to pause and let nature work its way. More and more people today are choosing natural ways to take care of their muscles than taking an anti-inflammatory. Acupuncture, yoga and massage therapies are the most trending and popular choices for improving circulation and relieving pain. A lot of people are also opting for staying in naturopathy facilities to be close to nature.

Sans-alcohol is the New Cool

Getting drunk is no more in vogue. Now, it is all about trying out mocktails made from fresh ingredients. Abstaining from alcohol leads to improved mental clarity, better mood, less body fat, improved relationships and better quality of sleep.

Athleisure is the Brand New Wardrobe Staple

Let’s face it. Nobody really has a lot of time to religiously hit the gym or run every day! For detoxing, you can opt for a 7-day package at a naturopathy center in India, but what will you do for daily fitness? You can choose to workout whenever you find time – at work, home or anywhere. Athleisure clothing is what you can choose to wear so that you can be comfortable anytime and anywhere. This type of clothing will also make you feel good throughout the day while looking fashionable.

Use Technology to Unplug and Unwind

The advent of technology was looked upon as a plague that distanced people. However, you can use the same technology to your advantage. Download some great meditation applications and chill out. Plug it in and meditate. These apps are going to remind you to breathe and meditate. You will be able to keep yourself away from the cacophony of daily life by simply plugging it in and relaxing your mind. This will go a long way to relax your mind, soul and body.

Attending health and mindfulness retreats

A visit to naturopathy centers is absolutely perfect for your health and well-being. These health and wellness retreat facilities are usually situated amidst nature and offers all the relief that you desire. It is tucked away from all the chaos of daily, modern life and provides complete natural treatment and therapies for better health, fitness and well-being. Naturopathy believes that the root cause of any illness or disease is connected with digestive problems. Once digestion is normal, all other issues can be easily cured. Therefore, detoxification and rejuvenation is something that everyone must try, at least one.

So, these are the wellness and health trends that can be seen in India and abroad. How many have you tried yet?


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