4 Best Natural Therapies in India to Cure Sleep Apnoea

Sleep is a vital activity that keeps the human body healthy! Sleep Apnoea is a very chronic sleeping disorder that results in shallow breaths during sleeping. There can be breathing pauses lasting for seconds to minutes and it can take place more than 30 times within an hours time. When the breathing pattern comes back to normalcy there is a loud snorting sound and a body jerk that causes overall discomfort. Though this ailment can happen to anyone but latest research shows it has a high tendency to develop in individuals that are overweight. Whilst medicines provide respite from the uneasiness, nature therapy offers a permanent solution.

Nature Therapy in India 4 Effective Cures to Cure Sleep Apnoea

The eminent centers that specialize in natural therapy in India have researched on Sleep Apnoea and have come up with four unique cures that would treat the disease from the core and eventually lead to perfect health and wellness. The cures include:

Diet Therapy Since Sleep Apnoea has been recorded more amongst the ones who are obese, nature centers in India treat it by putting the patient on to a natural diet that would shed off those extra pounds. Whether one is obese or not, diet therapy helps to get the body back to its optimal breathing pattern.

Yogic Kriyas and Meditation- Yogic postures combined with meditation acts miraculously in getting the breathing pattern correct. Often when we are stressed, tensed or fatigued our body does not breathe properly resulting in poor sleeping patterns first and then Sleep Apnoea. Yoga and meditation helps to balance the oxygen inhalation and carbon dioxide release and heals the breathing pattern.

Walking- This has been proven to be one great exercise that can almost ward of 70% of the ailments that can develop due to inactivity and fatigue. Walking strengthens body muscles and also enhances the respiratory track, thereby enhancing our breathing patterns.

Chest pack Often patients suffering from Sleep Apnoea has chances to develop other breathing ailments like asthma or bronchitis. Since breathing involves the chest expansion and contraction, naturopaths suggests chest pack as a great natural treatment to help correct the abnormal breathing pattern that in turn would resolve the sleeping disorder. Here a natural or herbal chest pack is applied and then washed off after sometime.

Natural therapy centers in India with its innovative cures have successfully cured patients suffering from Sleep Apnoea.

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