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    Naturopathy Treatment For Adult Acne Things To Know

    Acne is one of the most annoying skin conditions that can occur to people not just in their teens but also way into their 30s, 40s and 50s. Ranging from mild to severe, acne can show itself in the form of a few odd pimples that never seem to go away or an aggravated condition complete with cysts and nodules that dramatically change the form of the face to limits of grotesqueness. Dermatologists usually determine the severity of acne in the scale of 1 to 4, 4 being the panic stage. More often than not, it is not just the urgency in getting a clear skin that drives people suffering from this condition to approach treatment. The fact that acne at any stage whatsoever, comes with itching, irritation, stinging and pain, cannot be denied.

    What causes Acne ?

    Hormonal changes in the body can be held accountable for acne at any age whatsoever, be it puberty, pre menopause, etc. An escalation of the male hormones in the body is responsible for increased oil production in the skin which is the main cause behind acne. Besides this, eating an unbalanced diet that includes very greasy food, excessive dairy products, sweet simple carbohydrates etc. can also lead to unmanageable breakouts. Unclean skin, excessive stress, using poor quality make-up products, not removing make-up from skin before bedtime and unleashing a barrage of skin creams and treatment products time and again can also lead to this rather painful condition.

    Naturopathy over common treatment methods

    Medical science has come up with infinite treatment methods for acne including potions, lotions, skin peels, laser treatment, oral medication etc. However, each of these options is intended to be continued for extended period for the sake of preventing new breakouts. Elimination of the root cause of acne is currently does not feature within the scope of medical treatments. Naturopathy on the other hand, offers completely natural and holistic approach to eradication of acne which is least likely to show up ever again. Some of the most potent naturopathy treatment methods for acne are


    Here, a powerful combination of potent herbs and other natural components are applied on the affected areas that contribute to drying up the acne and clearing skin within a few sessions. These packs are also very effective in removing acne marks without the risk of exposing skin to harsh chemical based skin products. The packs also act upon the bacteria affecting the area, removing them one and for all.

    Diet therapy

    Here, major changes in the diet are introduced wherein the concerned individual gets complete nutrition while being miles away from foods that trigger acne.

    Yogic kriyas and meditation

    This therapy works wonderfully on those who suffer stress induced acne. Yogic kriyas and meditation also goes a very long way in improving mind body harmony which is responsible for countering any physical or mental issues caused by stress at any levels.

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