About Maa Chaitainya Meera

Born in Mumbai, India, her holiness Badigurumaa "Maa Chaitainya Meera" is a science graduate in the worldly sense, but now master of life and beyond. Badi Gurumaa showed signs of a different personality right from her childhood days. While other children of her age dreamt of dolls and cars she was always seen reading and learning many arts of awakening inner beauty and developing her outer personality in multiple directions by blessings of her grandfather. She has been a mentor and source of inspiration and guide to friends around her right from her school days.

During her formative years, her maternal home was always visited by social leaders and spiritually evolved people. First time when she visited Medta (Meera bai's birth place), she felt an immense love for Lord Krishna. When she heard about Meera bai and her ways of loving almighty, Badigurumaa felt similar love and happiness and wanted to remain in that state forever. From that early age, Badigurumaa showed a special affinity towards Lord Krishna.....

She used to sing, dance and chant mantras which were her innocent offerings to the divine where the divine is seem as the beloved and some times as a friend. With constant study of ancient scriptures including Vedas & Upanishads, her life was enriched and she molded herself be a master and a guide to seekers of truth and inner happiness.

Even after suffering from many ups and downs and struggles in life which she says "These are the results of my previous kramas and now my soul is getting purer day by day to unite with the Almighty". By taking all those suffering in a very positive way she continued to walk on the path of self-realisation. When first time she met her yoga guru she felt immense peace & tranquility and she dedicated herself for serving humanity.

Soon the fragrance of her knowledge and love spread everywhere. She started travelling to address group of people, organisations, conferences and give them guidance. Later she started the Glorious Life Shivir which gave her a working platform. Thousand of people come to learn the right worldly ways and to rise above their orthodox mind-sets and thoughts. She simplified yog (yoga) and meditation for the masses and made it Simple to learn and practice art - that no one felt that this path was only for a chosen few! HH Maa Chaitainya Meera is a living master who is so ordinary in her extra-ordinariness.

Badigurumaa says she does not belong to any one caste, creed or religion. She consider that whole world is her family. She teaches the essential concepts that we must understand and practice, if we are to progress in family life and social life and beyond that too, if you walk on the path of spiritual understanding. Badigurumaa had also begin in her own way to deliver satsang and discoursed on Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta with the blessings of her Gurudev Shree Govind Dev Giriji Maharaj. An embodiment of love, peace, compassion and dynamic in her approach, she stands for a constant source of love and Bhakti for all. Destiny wants her to spread her wings far and wide so that she could reach out to the maximum number of seekers of truth and happiness....


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