About Gurumaa

Gurumaa is a living legend who has gained incomparable knowledge and experience and is using the same to give life changing results to innumerable people. For more than a decade, Gurumaa is serving as Inspirational Guru to thousands of people in every walks of life. She is the founder trustee of LIFE CARE AND PEACE MISSION, a public charitable trust under whose banner Glorious Life Shivirs, seminars and wrokshops on self development are being conducted throughout the country and at select locations around the globe. 

Gurumaa radiates immense confidence, vast capability highly disciplined and commanding personality. One will realise the genius of her personality on the very first interaction along strong power to understand others and instill confidence. 

It is very difficult to put Gurumaa into any one specific mould, as she is a bundle of a lot of characteristics, most of which are unique in all ways. She is a recognized mind trainer, yoga trainer, reiki master and inspirational coach. You can call her a bridge between the proven sciences taught in the school and proven practices in self improvement and alternative sciences.

Through Glorious Life Shivirs, Gurumaa touches hundreds of lives across the country every week, through her exceptional ability to explain each person at their own levels of understanding. She forms an instant rapo with her students and disciples, not by force but with conviction, proofs and proven results. She has been highly effective in every age group - as She has trained people from the age of 7 to 90 yrs. 100% of the participants in her class feel uplifted and enveloped by her power of love and energy.

In her words "My Love and 'Samarpan' to my GURU is the constant source of Energy". Mission of her life is "TO ADD VALUES TO THIS BEAUTIFUL WORLD BY MAKING A MAJOR POSITIVE DIFFERENCE IN THE LIFE OF PEOPLE".

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